Training for 3D Imaging

The JCO article (download here) will describe in written form, the basic layout and rationale for creating/viewing/saving images when making CBVI scans for orthodontic purposes.

  • Our 13 minute video tutorial is a virtual primer of Dr. German viewing the 3D data and how he uses the created images for orthodontic treatment planning.
  • The Orthotown article Part 1 and Part 2 provides written instructions along with “screen shots” as a cookbook for doctors or staff members to create the images used in our published template of 3D images. The article articulates the process using Dolphin Imaging and TxStudio.
  • You will also find the 13 minute cookbook instructional video using Dolphin imaging by Dr. German’s imaging technician.
  • Finally, you may use the link below to automatically load the German template settings onto your computers at no cost. This link will automatically install a default setting in your Dolphin software. You can use the link if you have Dolphin 11.5 or higher on your computer. Installation will take about a minute with high speed Internet connection. Please note that the installer will make changes to the names of some image slots within Dolphin Imaging. It will replace any customization of image names previously made. Because these image names are stored individually for each workstation, the installer will have to be executed on each computer where you plan to utilize Dr. German’s custom template.
  • The template installer is now available here

Developed by Dr. Dan German, this custom layout is intended to display a comprehensive view of available data acquired from a 3D CBCT scan as well as traditional photographs.

Video Tutorial by Dr. Dan German


Cookbook Instructions by Beavercreek Orthodontics Imaging Technician