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From our patients who loved their Invisalign treatment!:

"People didn’t know I had invisalign for about, like, two weeks. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I don’t even know I’m wearing it." – Christopher

"I'm so glad I got Invisalign Teen to re-do the work that I messed up (from not wearing the retainers after braces)." – Lauren

Braces distorted singing voice, but Invisalign Teen does not and she can wear them when performing. "It’s made me a lot more confident." - Maddie Georgi (Pittsburgh singer, guitar player and host of Pittsburgh Steelers game day show who wears Invisalign Teen on camera)

"Nobody really notices that I’m wearing the Invisalign Teen. I'm a smiley guy, I guess. The Invisalign braces don’t inhibit my smiling." – Christopher

"Go for Invisalign – that’s the way to go! [The Invisalign Teen] doesn’t disrupt your speech, or playing an instrument... even if you’re playing something with a reed, which is really hard if you have regular braces. It’s way easier with Invisalign Teen." – Sara

"I really just love them!" – Brian

"Never, ever have we had an issue with compliance with [our daughters]." - Lisa