Coronavirus Update


 As per the Governor’s announcement on April 27, 2020, dental offices are permitted to open in May 2020 to provide dental services. We are excited to be able to get back to caring for the patients in our practices. Our tentative re-open date is May 11th. Safety is our number one focus. Our high standard of care ensures that your trust and safety is never compromised. The Ohio State Dental Board urges dental healthcare providers to exercise the utmost caution and to adhere strictly to infection control protocols and PPE guidelines. As we already practice daily precautions and infection control, in order for our practice to reopen we will be adopting what is now the new “normal.” 

Please refer to changes that will be introduced to our practice in order to strictly abide by the Ohio State Dental Board, American Dental Association (ADA), and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. 


1. Prior to entering the office, we ask that all patients and guardians wear a face covering or mask, regardless of symptoms. We will be pre-screening every patient for COVID-19 risk factors using a comprehensive questionnaire until accurate testing is available. We will record body temperature for every patient when they arrive to their appointment. Patients must use a pre-procedure mouth rinse and wash their hands immediately before beginning a procedure. 

2.  We request that you sanitize your hands before entering the practice. All brushing and flossing is asked to be done prior to the patients arriving to their appointments. Our brushing stations will be used for hand-hygiene by patients receiving care that have passed the COVID-19 screening. 

3. If you have a cough, fever, or respiratory issues, then we kindly ask that you reschedule your appointment. If a high temperature is recorded during your screening, then we will ask you to reschedule your appointment. There are no exceptions to this guideline. 

4. We must reduce the number of in-person appointments by utilizing facetime appointments. We ask our patients who do not need to be seen for maintenance to kindly allow us to reschedule your appointment for a later date. Under certain circumstances, Invisalign patients will be allowed to have a non-contact pick up of aligners in the evenings. 

5. With the new guidelines, we will be working at 1/3 of our capacity. We must stagger patient appointments to minimize patient-to-patient contact. 

6. Social distancing must be in effect. We will be limited to one patient per dental care provider. We ask that only the patient come back to the treatment floor for their appointments. Parents and family members will be asked to wait in their cars, as this will now be the new “waiting room.” Our technicians will walk the patients out to the waiting family member in their vehicle to give them their appointment briefing.  (Exceptions can be made with advance notice for patients with special needs. However, we ask that you follow this as close as possible, so we are able to continue to care for families and our doors are able to remain open.) 

7. Appointment wait time will be increased as we ensure proper disinfection and screening protocols are being done in between appointments. Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated. 

8. Patients reporting or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will be advised to contact their primary care physician immediately and placed in quarantine as appropriate. 

9. All dental personnel will have a “new wardrobe,” including masks, face shields, fluid-resistant gowns and hair coverings. Please explain this to your children, as it will not be the normal look they have become accustomed to. 


1. Please wait in your car. We will have a screening technician waiting in the atrium to watch as cars arrive. She will give anyone who will be entering the building a screening questionnaire, as well as taking temperatures. Consider bringing you own pen to fill out the questionnaire to limit the use of sanitizing wipes. In the event you are not greeted by a technician within 10 minutes, please call the front desk to let them know you are here and the technician will get to you as fast as possible. Plan for longer wait times. When the chairside technician is ready for the patient, they will come out to your vehicle and review your questionnaire. If screening is approved, we will bring only the patient into the office. They will be asked to use a peroxide rinse before the appointment is started. 

2. The technician and doctors will then perform the procedures. We will address questions and concerns with parents as well so please keep your phone close. 

3. After the appointment is completed, the technician will walk the patient back out to the waiting car and brief the family regarding the appointment. 

4. The front desk will immediately call via the number you provided on the questionnaire to schedule your next appointment. 

Observing these guidelines will regulate the number of patients within the office/clinic area to protect our patients and staff. We must follow the guidelines above as they are set forth by the Ohio State Dental Board, ADA, and CDC. Without these guidelines, we will be forced to close. We appreciate all the support we have received during this hard time. We truly believe we have the best patients out there! Thank you again for understanding that we will be limited to the amount of patients we can see daily, working at 1/3 of our capacity. We will continue to require your support throughout these upcoming months. We are working hard to make you proud!

Stay well, hydrate, eat nutritiously, and get plenty of sleep. 

Thank you again for choosing Beavercreek Orthodontics. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Dr. Gina Domm and the staff at Beavercreek Orthodontics

Beavercreek Orthodontic families,
Please bare with us as we are working with a very limited staff.  The communication between our patients and the office will continue through this mandated shut down by Governor DeWine.  We will continue to reschedule appointments for our patients. If you have any questions concerning appointments please call the office at 937-426-6860.  We currently do not have a re-open date but we are hopeful it will be soon.  Therefore, below are some instructions for our current patients. 
**If you are a Invisalign patient please continue to wear your last aligner at night time only to maintain alignment until we re-open and are able to give you additional aligners.  For example if the last aligner you have is 36. Please wear aligner 36 full time for a week then switch to wearing aligner 36 at night only until your next scheduled appointment.  If your current aligner breaks please go back to the previous aligner 35 and wear at night until we reopen.   Please do not go without any aligner in your mouth as shifting will occur.
** If you are turning a appliance, please stop turning until you are seen for you next appointment.  If you have a removable appliance that is rubbing or broken, please discontinue wear until our office re-opens. 
**Braces patients please hang tight.  Your wires will continue to move your teeth without an adjustment.  You will not be losing time, as movement still occurs whether we change colors or not.  Please be patient with us. We know this is not ideal.  Finger nail clippers work well for pokey wires or tweezers can be used to replace wires that popped out of the back bracket. If a bracket comes off, please remove the color around it and the bracket will be released from the wire. A broken bracket is not considered an emergency. So it’s very important to stay away from anything sticky and hard.  If something breaks but is not causing pain it’s best to just leave it alone until our office re-opens. is a link to our website for emergency care.  Please remember to follow the dietary guidelines put in place to prevent emergencies.   Foods to avoid with ANY metal on your teeth: Sticky or hard candy (jawbreakers, starburst, taffy, suckers, skittles) hard apples, fruits with seeds, ice, corn chips, pretzels/popcorn, hard taco shells, raw- carrots-celery-cauliflower, anything with nuts, corn on the cob.
Our office is still taking phone calls and payments by phone or online.  Please call 937-426-6860 if you have any questions.  We are here for you just from a distance, so please call if you have concerns or questions. Your treatment and care is important to us during this unfortunate time.   Please continue to follow us on Facebook  and our website for the most updated information regarding our office re-open date. 
Please remember, Governor Mike DeWine contacted the Ohio State Dental Board and the Ohio Dental Association in addressing the spread of COVID-19 by closing all dental/orthodontic offices. 
As of Wednesday, March 18, all orthodontic appointments at Beavercreek Orthodontics were canceled. Governor DeWine has requested to reschedule any  orthodontic procedures that do not relieve pain, infection or restore oral function or are trauma-related.  A broken bracket is not considered an emergency, a embedded wire or appliance is a emergency. If you have a true dental emergency, as described by Gov. Dewine, please contact the office for further guidance.  We will follow the guidelines below for the emergency appointments scheduled.
1.Before scheduling emergency appointments, we will ask about flu like symptoms and travel abroad.  This will be for yourself, family or co-workers.
2. We will ask our emergency patients to wait in their cars instead of the waiting areas to prevent inadvertent spread of the virus.  We will come outside to get the emergency patient. We ask that only the emergency patient come back inside the clinic and accompanying individuals have to wait in their respective transportation.
The State Dental Board has been closely monitoring the spread of the coronavirus. As Dentists, Assistants & staff we are a part of the healthcare community and have a responsibility in the prevention and mitigation efforts of the administration during this outbreak. Dental professionals are also in of the highest risk categories for both transmission and contraction of the Coronavirus as a majority of the procedures we perform creates significant aerosols in the operatories.  It comes at a critical time and it is our responsibility to take leadership in this situation and have protocols in place to reduce the spread and impact of Coronavirus amongst the communities where we practice and live.
These decisions that have been made are intended to reduce the risk of our patients and staff members. We cannot wait to get back to work.   We miss all of our patients but unfortunately this is out of our control. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we manage through these very difficult and unprecedented times.
Thank you again,
Beavercreek Orthodontics